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Good news! Now there’s Nuna for every age. 

To help navigate through all of your family's journeys, our safety experts have carefully curated into our car seats the best materials, safety technology and then tested all to the extreme (and beyond!) so that that you can focus on the road ahead—knowing what’s riding behind you is safe and sound.

Go ahead and take a test ride. 

Higher standards

Kids grow, so we do too

The Nuna family of riding gear is growing as fast as well, kids. It’s sleek, simple and Dutch designed to exceed safety standards.

Just pick your perfect below.

Pick your perfect

  • PIPA icon

    40 to 85 cm, up to 13 kg

    Meets and exceeds i-size standard

    True lock™ base installation

    Dream drape™ for extra protection

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  • REBL plus

    Rear: 40 to 105 cm, 18.5 kg

    Forward: 80 to 105 cm, 18.5 kg

    Meets and exceeds i-size standard

    Steel strength technology

    Birth to 4 years

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  • AACE

    Group 2/3, 15 to 36 kg

    3D growth™ system

    Customizable recline

    8 position ISOFIX connectors

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  • Meeting the ECE R44/04 Standard

    Our original PIPA™ and AACE™ car seats are designed to meet the ECE R44/04 standard, the current safety standard for car seats throughout Europe.

    The standard consists of many elements including different crash simulations such as:

    >Frontal speeds up to 50km/hr

    >Rear speeds up to 30km/hr

    >360° rollover tests

  • Meeting the ECE R129 i-size Standard

    Our PIPA™ icon and REBL™ plus i-size car seats are designed to meet the ECE R129 standard, the government regulation standard created by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) that has been adopted by 60 countries across the world.

    The standard uses top-of-the-line technology with smarter sensitivity sensors during different crash simulations such as:

    >Frontal speeds up to 50km/hr

    >Rear speeds up to 30km/hr

    >Side impact speeds between 23 – 26km/hr

    >360° rollover tests

    Many additional factors and requirements are necessary to pass i-size, making it the most secure choice.


  • Nuna Consumer Testing Group Methodology Policy
    Prior to ever being on the market, our PIPA™ icon, REBL™ plus and AACE™ car seats are rigorously examined via simulations of numerous consumer testing group methodologies, going well above and beyond the government required standards.
  • What Consumer Testing Group Methods are Nuna’s Car Seats Tested To?

    We’ve pulled from the best consumer testing groups in the world and made that our minimum. Our PIPA™ icon, REBL™ plus and AACE™ car seats are independently tested to the methodologies of organizations such as:



    >Stiftung Warentest

  • ADAC, Which? and Stiftung Warentest Methodologies

    Our PIPA™ icon, REBL™ plus and AACE™ car seats have each been tested to the following crash simulation criteria as used by the above organizations:

    >Frontal speeds up to 70km/hr

    >Side impact speeds up to 28km/hr

Beyond extremes

  • Premium Performance Testing
    We're parents so we get it—when it comes to kids safety nothing is more important. Every 5,000 units we pull random production samples of our car seats and then run testing in our state-of-the-art crash test laboratory, to make sure that the 5,000th car seat is just as up to par as the 1st one ever produced.
  • ISOFIX Connectors on Point
    The connectors? They’re good. 3,000 times good to be exact (we know because we count as we adjust the assembly of them for each of our seats—way more than you will ever need to in this lifetime).
  • A-locked and Loaded
    Our Nuna A-locks have been tested to the max so you can easily tighten our harnesses snugly to your child over and over again— 10,000 times to be exact!
  • Headrests that Keep on Going

    Kids grow, so Nuna gear does too. We’ve adjusted our car seat’s headrests up, down and all over again, well beyond any car seats or family’s needs:

    >3,000 times for the PIPA icon

    >5,000 for the REBL plus and AACE

  • Stability Leg Seriousness
    Not only does our stability legs absorb impact and minimize force to your baby—but we’ve adjusted them 3,200 times—and they keep on keeping on.