sena TM aire

Sleep tight day & night

A good night’s sleep is in the palm of your hands. The SENA aire opens with just that—in seconds. Its Advanced air design™ provides 360° of ventilation for ultimate airflow and super-fresh, deep sleeps. All so you can easily turn any room into your baby’s room.

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sena TM aire
sena TM aire

스마트 디자인

  • Advanced air design™ allows airflow from every angle with all mesh sides, floor and mattress
  • Ventilated mesh mattress pulls away both heat and humidity
  • Mattress’s zip-off design is machine washer and dryer safe
  • Ventilated mattress panels easily remove for deep cleaning
  • Quick and easy upper cot attachment
  • Chic look won’t clutter family room
  • Unique zigzag legs pop cot open quickly and easily
  • Skid-proof feet keep sleep quiet and still
  • Padded edges prevent finger pinches
  • Above-ground base keeps baby draft-proof
  • No extras needed—even the GOTS certified organic sheet is included
  • Changer accessory creates a full functioning nursery—no matter where you are




  • 사용 연령: birth to 15 kg
  • 제품 크기: L 105.6 x W 77 x H 74.5 cm
  • 제품 크기(접었을 때): L 34 x W 28 x H 86 cm
  • 무게: 11.5 kg
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