jett collection

Inspired by today’s stylish family and their jet-setting lifestyle. Nuna’s first collection blends cool grey hues, strong statement black accents and tailor-made fabrics for a sleek, coveted look. Available on the MIXX2™ stroller bassinet set and the PIPA™ infant car seat, creating a system ready for even the most elite of travels.

Ready, set, JETT.



  • cool grey hues

    Our style ideology at Nuna is one based on sophisticated and classic infuences. Grey is a simplistic, neutral color that brings a sense of tranquility. Infusing different tones of it into the collection allowed for a timeless look that’s on trend, season after season.
  • statement black accents

    The dark matte stroller frame perfectly fuses metallic features with cool hues for an elegant look that stands out but is far from overstated.
  • tailor-made

    The collection is not only defined by color palette, but also by textures and textiles. From blending comfy tweed knits on the seat, along with course durable fabric on the canopy, to introducing hand-sewn leather-look accents on the stroller and bassinet; extra attention to detail has been paid to each and every upgrade.

mixx2 + bassinet

Perfectly packaged for the most elite of travels.
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Perfectly completes the JETT collection.
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