Laura is a busy mama to a daughter and her 2 yorkies.

ivvi TM

Hi, I’m Laura, a full time credit manager, full time mom (aren’t we all?!) and full time blogger. I work in corporate and absolutely love it. I also love every single night and weekend when I can get in all those extra snuggles with my little one.

I am married to my kindergarten sweetheart, and we have 2 yorkies and a 16 month old little girl, Leighton. She is the light of our lives! She keeps us on our toes every day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nuna has been a big part of our lives since the beginning. We have the PEPP, IVVI, SENA and ZAAZ. If we’re not using one of these each day, we’re using the other. Our typcical day starts with the Nuna high chair. It is the perfect height for Leighton, it’s soft and cushiony, easy to clean, and modern and sleek to fit our kitchen.

“ Nuna has been a big part of our lives since the beginning. ”

The IVVI is our new favorite all-around stroller. It does everything. It is still lightweight, modern looking, the storage basket is huge. My favorite thing about it though is that you can turn the seat around so baby can face you or face outwards. This has been so nice. We usually keep her facing us, and once she starts to get fussy, I just turn her around. She is happy to people watch, and that keeps her pretty entertained. This stroller seriously rides like a Cadillac.

The SENA has been great to use while traveling or even use at daycare each day for Leighton. It is lightweight and has a nice carrying case which makes it so convenient when on the road. The last thing I want is to lug around another huge item when traveling. It seems like I end up packing the entire house!

Our first “travel stroller” was the PEPP, and wow did it make traveling simple. It is so lightweight, glides so smoothly, and you can open and close it with only one hand. We used this stroller from the time Leighton was about 6 months old. It has been through a lot with us. It is still our go-to stroller we keep in our trunk when out and about. This baby was made for traveling. Nuna products really keep the baby and the parent in mind. They are functional, modern and easy to use. They have certainly been lifesavers for me as a first-time mom.

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